Liao Chin-Hsiang


Anyone who has visited Taiwan, cannot escape the influence of Nature, the sea, and the high mountains displayed all across the land. An island full of traditions and culture, through its rich history and multiple civilizations that arrived in its shores. The aboriginals, the Dutch, and the Japanese merged with Chinese culture which blended all these influences into what today has become a vibrant source of innovation and exquisite artistic creations.

Liao Chen Hsiang a native who embraced the Taiwanese traditions, in its highest form, expressing through his creations this magnificent blend of nature and culture through his oils, charcoals, and watercolours for the past twenty-plus years.

The Japanese influence is one notable strong element in his art that combines the delicate forms of the lilies, and the majestic forms of the high mountains, with the endless grandiose presence of the seas. A truly admirable mosaic of these eternal Taiwanese elements deeply ingrained in his art,

His talent is reflected in the detailed strokes, colours and pure forms that evoke this deep sense of admiration for a higher ground that can only be found through art and inspiration.

He was born in 1970 Spt. 25 in Taiwan.

Graduate: 2002 Master’s degree, Graduate School of Plastic Surgery, Musashino Art University, Japan Award 2021

Selected for Yilan Award 2019

Selected for Kaohsiung Award 2019

Selected for the 2nd Mahurazaki International Art Award 2001

Selected for the 12th Guankou Art Fund Award Solo exhibition 2022 On the way – See the mountian / StoryLine ART 2021 Distance of Light·Unknown Land /

102 Contemporary Art Space 2019 Floating Light /

Farglory Museums Joint exhibition 2023. ATTI Taiwan-Korea International

Exchange Exhibition / Kaohsiung Cultural Center 2022 Time is not up /

Xionggang Art Museum 2022 Tainan Art Fair /

StoryLine ART 2021 Kaohsiung Art Fair /

Modern and contemporary art exhibition area) 2021 Yilan Award Exhibition /

Yilan County Government Cultural Bureau Exhibition Rooms 1 to 3 2021

ART FUTURE / Grand Hyatt Taipei 2019

The Second Makurazaki International Art Exhibition / Makurazaki City Cultural. Information Center 2019 Kaohsiung Award /

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

2017 ANBD Asia Alliance Beyond Design Exhibition /Seoul/Wenzhou/

Taiwan/Japan 2008 Chen Lixin/Liao Chin Hsiang Duo Exhibition /

Tainan Municipal Cultural Cente