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AKARTASIA it is in one unique position to present Oriental Art as rarely seen in the West. We work exclusively with artists who are resident in China, Vietnam and Japan so they represent their local work in a pure and genuine way.

There is a true distinction in the art from artists that remain within the traditional lines and values of this admirable culture despite the external influences so prevalent in our global era.

Moreover we present an ensemble that includes well know artists but mostly emerging ones that hardly have a chance to present their talent beyond their national borders and some without access to a computer or the internet. This commitment is absolutely in the core of our endeavor that we are confident it will be appreciated by our friends, visitors and customers.

Akartasia is wholly devoted to present this exclusive niche view of art that despite the cultural differences and geographical distances we are still able to bridge and admire through this exquisite window to the world.

We all need to look beyond our borders, beyond our screens, beyond our windows.

Serge Waismann



This practice has been now used by some customers but this is the reality that is mostly not known.

  1. The Chinese language and names are very difficult to translate and in fact they cannot be properly translated . So what we see in the West is Pin Ying which is a limited approximation that allows for many errors in many levels.
  2. Most emerging Chinese artist have zero presence on line because they have no incentive or interest to be on line as the online sales of art in China is nonexistent except to the auctions houses like Polly , that is mostly used by the well know artists.
  3. The majority of artists live in poor areas that have no access to the web.
  4. Many do not have computers because they simply cannot afford or others prefers not to connect . EG: We have worked for over 10 years with a very talented artist called Hada from Inner Mongolia , that simply reject any computer or web relations as he professes –  he does not need any outside contact , his family and nature provides all he needs, all the inspiration to his life and to his art. We have sold dozens of his work all across the world.
  5. There is also the fact the Google, Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of other sites are BLOCKED in China so is unlikely that anyone local , not linked with foreign Galleries and Auction Houses will ever be in their searches . So on line presence may apply to less the 1% of Chinese artists in the mainland. Of course there are Chinese artist living outside China and often they have westernized their names and often their art.

One act of Love  –  3 basic steps to buy art

To buy art can be a very challenging decision as a person is making a personal statement, a sort of commitment that will hopefully be a part of his or her lifefor a long time . Just like falling in love.

  1. This is why I have always told our 1000 + customers over a decade one simple rule – forget the name, the price, the size, the format … first consideration is; do you like it? do you love it ?  If the answer is yes, then one is ready to consider the other matters.
  2. The price is usually dictated by mostly 2 factors, the artists valuation and the art market that may vary in various levels; the economy, the venue and demand and supply – demand of the considered artist.
  3. Last but not least the provenance of the Art. We have exclusively dealt directly with artists that we know, that we have been to their studios, we trust and have the privilege to represent them.

In my humble opinion as someone that have been involved with Oriental Art , for many years , as a curator of Chinese Art in China , I trust if you follow these steps you are surely to make a good decision that shall bring you joy for many years to come and who knows , some potential profits as well. Always, in this order.

One last tip, if you really love a piece of art do not flinch. Like love if you do not seize the opportunity it may never come to you again.

Please do feel free to contact us at any time.



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