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Based in Beijing and London AKARTASIA, is a nonprofit Art Gallery that evolved from our experience in China for over a decade. During that time we became involved with many artists and gradually understood the importance to expose the genuine art that seldom crosses across the ocean to foreign lands, especially the West.

Yes, we all heard of the boom of Modern Chinese Art but many especially the Chinese people see it as a fake movement known as ; made in China Art for the West . Nevertheless the real and often neglected artists that are committed to the local culture hardly had a chance to expose their works outside their local communities. So this is when we decided to work and focus on all the genuine talent rarely seen beyond the Chinese borders.

Chinese culture expanded for thousands of years in what we know today as Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Korea among other nations that were originally part of China. So we have decided to expand our reach to Vietnam and Japan that are also formidable power houses as far as culture and modern art.

It is indeed a challenge to bridge the gap between the Eastern and Western cultures and some say perhaps impossible but we believe that good and genuine art has a universal language that should be appreciated by all as a way for all of us to try to understand others and ultimately ourselves.

Arts do offer the unique open free space to all individuals to express and share cultures within that endless embroidery, we call our civilization. We are very proud and privileged to be part with our small but sincere contribution as a nonprofit art gallery where all profits are used for the support of small underprivileged children and young artists in local communities.

Artists of the world – Unite


85 Great Portland St
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Mentougou – Long Quan Wu
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