1967 Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang, PRChina , Graduated from Heilongjiang Arts Da Xue,

His studio is located between massive buildings, where he cries for the lack of air and nature. He has found, with his friends, an open space in the backyard of a no man’s land that works as his home, a gallery and studio. He is not a mainstream artist and has taken a “post-modern” view of the new China, now infested by trashy western culture.

His actual lifestyle, living amid the ongoing chaos of modern Beijing reflects a microcosm of life in new China. His love for nature has triggered in him the desire to seek a reality far from the turmoil and urban pressures. He is a devoted Buddhist and studies Daoism, that is reflected in the empty spaces of his art.

In his last Collection, he focuses on the present devastation of the environment in China, a country where 60% of the population lives in the countryside, that is heavily polluted, especially in his home town in the North East of China. He often says … Life has to come first, without clean air and water what hope can we have for our future?


  • 1981 Open World, Shanghai
  • 1985 Professor of Art Xinghua University, Beijing
  • 1993 Beijing Fair
  • 1997 Pan Jian Yuan
  • 2006 798 Beijing Modern Art
  • 2013 Beijing Modern Art
  • 2015 China National Art


Taiwan, Beijing, Cologne, New York, Amsterdam, Milan and Paris


Yu Sheng Wen – AA167 – HARMONY
Yu Sheng Wen – AA166 – NEXUS 6
Yu Sheng Wen – AA165 – NEXUS 5
Yu Sheng Wen – AA164 – NEXUS 4
Yu Sheng Wen – AA163 – NEXUS 3
Yu Sheng Wen – AA162 – NEXUS 2