Yong Ping


As many artists in China, Yong Ping lived through a time when a great deal of transformation occurred in China. Yet some of the most ancient traditions do not change and they are very much part of his work.

After a long training in the finest Beijing Art school, Yong Ping tried to express his emotions as an atist living in the 21 st century, yet  nurturing inspiration from  a five thousand years of Chinese history.

Yong Ping has now clearly embraced the abstract forms multiples relations and dimensions centred in the endless universe of Nature. This inner ability to transform to be and create is the essence of Yong Ping’s attempt to present Nature as it is in Chinese culture, the prominent element in life where we learn and exist as one. This is very much the essence of the Chinese Traditional Culture.

1970 Born in Harbin, PRChina

1991 Graduate from Qiqihar Fine Arts School – Heilongjiang Province


1998 International Arts Festival, Beijing

2000 First prize Harbin, Modern Art

2001 Shanghai  International Contemporary

  1.   Seoul, The Akiko Museum

2004   Beijing Popular Exhibition

  1. Berliner Liste, Berlin
  1. 2009.  AAF, London –  International Fair
  2. 2010.  Singapore Bienale
  3. 2011.  Hong Kong , International
  4. 2012.  Summer Valley Gallery 798 Beijing

2015  Two Moon Gallery Beijing

2020  Zai Ji Art – Beijing

2021  Saatchi Gallery London – START


Private Collections

Seoul, Paris, London, Berlin, Brussels, New York and Den Hague.