Yan Tianyu          

1967 Born in Shanghai, PRChina 

Yan has a studio on the outskirts of Beijing in an artist’s commune, where the artists use old factory facilities as a cultural centre.

He was born amid the Cultural Revolution in the suburbs of Shanghai. Hong had little formal education, but a natural talent to draw noticed by his parents.

Shanghai being a cultural centre, Yan was brought to watch Opera from an early age, as his parents were both linked to the local theatre. His fascination with art became evident, and his dedication to Chinese Art has become his ethos in life.

Lately, he has moved to Taiwan and has continued with his quest to embrace all forms of Chinese Culture.  


1993 Beijing Fair

1997 Pan Jian Yuan

2001 Beijing Modern Art

2002 Beijing Modern Art

2003 China National Art, Shenzhen

798 , Beijing Art 

2009 ShangHai Open

2010 Taipei Open 

2013 Live Art Festival, Beijing 

2014 Taiwan International Fair 

Private Collections 

Taiwan, Beijing, Cologne, New York, Amsterdam, Milan and Paris