Xiao Ying                                                         


Xiao Ying belongs to the new generation born amid China’s Open Door policies (Kai Fang). Her work is very much inspired by her connection to the old and the new China, where despite all the modern structures, the ancient tradition still is very much part of her work. 

She lives in a very poor part of China in a room she shares with her husband in Hebei. Despite her limited knowledge of the outside world, she was very much influenced by the colours and forms of Matisse, Monet, Manet, and Rothko.  

She told us that she believed and understood that “propaganda was part of the Chinese culture” and that she hoped through her “art” she would also give the new generation some new “ways of looking at China”. Through her work she claims and tries to give her contribution “to keep (China’s) presence alive in their minds and hearts, despite all Western influences. The Chinese must hold on to the traditional and allow the modern to be applied with Chinese characteristics”.

Date and place of birth: 1985, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, PRChina 



2005 Tibet Exhibition Jilin Museum, Changchun,

2006 Back and Forth, Left and Right, Beijing, 

2008 Singapore, Chinese expression, Singapore Art Museum

2012 Harbin, The Public Forum Centre, PRChina

2015 Shanghai, Golden Harvest, China Contemporary, PRChina

2017 798  Beijing 

2021 Open Modern Art – Harbin 

2022 International Contemporary – Beijing