Xiao Yan


As many women in China, Xiao Yan lived through a time when a great deal of transformation occurred in China. Yet some of the most ancient traditions do not change and they are very much part of her work.

After a long training in the finest Beijing Art school, Xiao Yan tried to express her emotions as a woman living in the 21 st century, yet nurturing from 5 000 years of Chinese history.

Xiao Yan has now clearly embraced the theme of woman and her multiples relations and dimensions as her last theme, displaying a variety of exquisite shapes and forms in how the female reveals and transforms in an exquisite and colourful way.

In Chinese philosophy woman is ying, and as such it is in the centre of life, it can transform itself in a multitude if forms, it can be everything and anything. This inner ability to transform to be and create is the essence of Xiao Yan attempt to present the female as it is in Chinese culture, the prominent element in the universe.

She also is deeply connected with the Traditional Chinese Culture , especially the Art of Teas where she is an expert. Her works using brushes , water colours in the traditional way is a statement that the roots of Chinese culture is very much alive.

Between the Traditional and the Modern , Xiao Yan navigates with her talent showing complete control in the use of the traditional techniques still using modern colours as the bright blues , pinks and purple,

Xiao Yan Qi

1980 Born in Liaoning, PRChina

1991 Graduate from Beijing Fine Arts School

Presently an independent artist in Beijing, PRChina


1998 International Arts Festival, Beijing

2000 First prize Harbin, Modern Art

2001 Shanghai International Contemporary

2003 Seoul, The Akiko Museum

2004 Beijing Popular Exhibition

2005 Berliner Liste, Berlin

2006 AAF, London – International Fair

2007 Singapore Bienale

2008 Hong Kong , International

Private Collections

Seoul, Paris, London, Berlin, Brussels, New York and Den Hague.

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