Taiyo Tono


Japanese born artist Taiyo Tono graduated form the Arts Academy in Tokyo, Japan.

Taiyo Tono was born in 1977 in the midst of an artistic transition. Many of the traditional Japanese art styles began to shift into more contemporary works in the late 1900’s. Tono emphasises the modern and abstract in her artworks by infusing a combination of bright colours, various painting techniques, and numerous mediums. Tono immerses herself not only with her brushstrokes but also with her heart, mind, and spirit, evident in the passion that is displayed in her artworks.

For further reading on Japan’s role in the field of modern art, this article may be of interest for you: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/jonathanjonesblog/2015/nov/04/japanese-art-toshiba-gallery-v-and-a-london

A few of Taiyo Tono’s exhibitions:

1996 Tokyo International

1999      Taiwan Fair

2001     Tokyo Modern Art

2002     Beijing Modern Art

2003     Hong Kong International

2004     798 , Beijing Art

2009     ShangHai Open

2010      Taipei Open

2013      Taiwan Live Art Festival

2015      Art Bienallle – Shanghai

2017      Oriental Art – Hong Kong

Private Collections:

Taiwan, Beijing, Cologne, New York, Amsterdam , Milan and Paris