Pu Yu


His name translates as Simple Rain. This is quite significant as in many levels express his ethos. In China, the greatest representation of Goodness is water and the representation of Angles are the clouds. In this case, the rain is always a blessing from Heaven naturally bestowed on all people equally and fairly.  A quiet man who has seen a very significant change in his hometown where before history and culture were part of his life, all changed in the past 40 years with the so called Chinese Progress destroyed his old village, and forced his parents and family to migrate to a City that he still finds difficult to accept. In his view a short term insensitive solution  that has transformed and some say destroyed the cultural fiber of modern China.

Pu Yu , is still one of the few ones that has not succumbed by the greed and materialism that has overcome in China. He still has his feet and pallet firm on the traditions of China.

His devotion to art and Nature is very present on all his works. He also believes that some of the treasures of Life , lies in all capacity to be tolerant and careful to all beings equally and fairly ,   just as the rain.

1960   Born in Guandong

1998 Graduated from the most prestigious Art School in China Guangzhou Art Academy


Individual Exhibitions


1988                 Beijing, Chinese Contemporary Modern Arts Festival

1996                 Modern Art – Guandong

1998                 Art & Traditions –  Shanghai

2005                 Art Academy –  Beijing

2006                 Beijing, Chinese Contemporary Photography

2006                  Central Academy , Wuhan  – Hebei

2007                 China Modern Art , Solo in Shanghai

2009                 Modern  Art  Museum in Hong Kong

2011                  798 , In Beijing

2011                  A Solo Exhibition in Singapore,  Central Academy

2011                 Hong Art – 798

2013                 International Art – Shanghai


Collective Exhibitions


1995                   Modern China  Shanghai

1997                   Shanghai  Forum

2003                   New China , Shanghai

2003                   The Modern Art Collection , Shanghai National Museum

2003                   The 10th National Art Sculpture , Beijing

2005                   Today Art Beijing

2007                   The Academy of National Arts , Beijing

2011                   The Modern Art of China, Shanghai

2012                   Singapore International

2013                   Beijing Open Art  –  798

2014                     Song Zhuang –  Beijing

Private Collections

Beijing, Berlin, London, New York, The Hague, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong