Ngu Tien


Ngu Tien was born in 1974 and graduated from the Hanoi Institute of Industrial Arts in 1995.  He is a member of the Young Painters organization with a specialty in oils and  lacquer works. He has an incredible ability to capture beauty and emotions in the faces of women. Her works, recently exhibited in Vietnam, Singapore and Japan, remind us of the reality and vulnerability of women in the East. The position of women in the East is a veiled mystery that has been neglected by the world when slavery and traffic of young females have been the dark secret that is in the centre of this do called economic progress. A few artists have tried to raise this issue and Ngu Tien  work is a strong testament to this tragedy of modern society in South East Asia.

Exhibitions and Collectors

Vietnam, Singapore, China, Japan and Paris.

  • 2009 Young Artist
  • 2011 Hanoi
  • 2013 Beijing 798
  • 2015 Ho Chi Min City Open