Mu Yu


Mu Yu , has been what we have known the new generation of Chinese Modern Art. He was born in Shandong, the birthplace of Confucius, after the Cultural Revolution, after Mao Ze Dong.  He is part of the new China, that begun the opening of its borders to the World, with the principles of Deng Xiao Peng that in so many ways influenced the culture in China.

Free expression is still not allowed in China, so abstraction was not often present in the modern Chinese culture, that had to trail one very delicate line between a very traditional past, a and revolutionary transition a transformational present.

After the Cultural Revolution, it has proven a very challenging space to be filled by the new generation.

Mu Yu, born in the countryside of Shan Dong, studied the classics ink Chinese Paintings for decades and dedicated his art to the brushstrokes that are so familiar within the Chinese ink on rice paper within the watercolours tradition.

After a long period, painting in the classical 山水 Mountain and Rivers classical style, MU YU has for the past years, embraced a new form, that is very poignant as it is rare. One modern view of Chinese Modern Art, where abstraction captures the new China, where much is impossible to describe and needs to be left to the imagination.

His new art has the stunning representation of a society that is restricted in so many levels while trying to find its own identity and break away. One ensemble of abstract strokes, in ink and traces colourful forms that embraces the modern and traditional, following the legacy of 5000 years of Chinese Art and Culture. My Yu is a true talent of a new generation.

1969   Born in Shandong, PR China

2002                               Graduate from Jinan Fine Arts School


2003                                                   International Arts Festival, Beijing

2005                                                   First prize CCTV, Modern Art

2011                                                   Shanghai Contemporary

2013                                                   Seoul, The Akiko Museum

2015 -17     Beijing Open  798

2019    AAF Hampstead –  London

2020   AAF  Battersea

2020   Saatchi Gallery , Nov

Collectors –  Russian Embassy in Beijing ,  Tokyo ,  Paris  ,  Dunai , Zurich , London and Tel  Aviv.