Lei Zi Ren


Lei Zi Ren is one of the most important artists in modern China, with works acquired by the Chinese National Museum in Beijing, word class Collectors and international Galleries. During his exponential career, he has produced one extraordinary collection of works of art placing him as a master and prominent position among Chinese modern art. His technique of mixing oil with the traditional ink, and water colours has produced what is now recognised as one of the best talents and works recognised by Museums, Galleries and Collectors all across the world. His works expands from paintings, pastels, watercolours and sculptures.

Educated in his home province of Fujian at 19 he won a prize to study in the Beijing Fine Arts University. During his degree, he won numerous prizes to become later a professor emeritus in the Beijing Fine Arts University.


His focus has been on the condition of the relationship between man and woman in the context of the invisible dynamics of this on going drama and the traditional Chinese culture quickly fading. His perception ideas as woman being in the very centre stage of the Chinese culture with men often playing the secondary roles and acting as the spectator of the relationship. He also has painted a great deal on the plight of the “peasants life style” in what he described, a monumental loss for China and its future.


His work have been exhibited in numerous National Museums

all across China and are displayed among the most important

Galleries and Private collectors in China. In the past few years

a number of books have been written and published about his art.


In 2008, he has been invited to display his work in a solo Exhibit for a museum in The Hague, Amsterdam. And another solo exhibit is being planned in the city of London.  During the current year, he has confirmed a few Exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing and London.


1967 Born in Fujian Province, PRChina


1982  Graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, PRChina


1986  Post Doctor Degree in Fine Arts


2003  Established Working Studio with Dai Jianze, PRChina


Presently an independent artist in Beijing, PRChina


Individual Exhibitions


1988  Beijing, Chinese Contemporary International Arts Festival


1999  Tachikawa – Tachikawa , Japan


2002  Wall to Wall – Naarden, Holland Cross


2003  Shanghai, Strange, Aura Gallery Shanghai

A strange Heaven


2004  Beijing, Chinese Contemporary Photography


  • Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague


2005 , China Arts National Museum , Beijing


2006 , China Modern Art , Solo in Shanghai


  • Modern Art  Museum in Hong Kong


  • A Solo Exhibition in Shanghai, Central Academy


Collective Exhibitions


1999  Visible and Unknown, Semi—solo Exhibition Beijing


  • New Media Art Show at China Institute of Art, Hangzhou, China
  • The Modern Art Collection , Shanghai National Museum


  • The National Museum , Beijing


  • The Academy of National Arts , Beijing


  • The Modern Art of China, Shanghai


  • Shanghai Bienal


  • Zurich International Fair


  • London , solo Exhibition


  • Berlin Forum , Berlin


  • Solo , at 798 – Beijing


  • Hong Kong International Exhibit


Private Collections


Beijing ,Paris, London, The Hague ,Taiwan, Milan, Tokyo, Singapore, London,

Prague, Tel Aviv, New York and Hong Kong.