Jiang Chao


Jiang Chao’s roots are ingrained within the traditional region of Shandong – an area that has had a legendary influence on the culture of China and indeed, the world. This region has had significant influence on Jiang Chao, thereby inspiring  his cultivation of an aesthetic form that will please the eyes, mind, and spirit.

Chao’s art is based on the classical Chinese method of painting with  watercolours as the primary medium. In addition, Chao incorporates ancient Chinese Proverbs within each artwork to represent his ideas.

Chao’s later works focused on the intimacy between women and nature.  His art elegantly reveals the ‘nature of woman’ in her numerous delicate forms painted on exquisite canvas. One familiar with Chinese roots would know the integral influence of nature in art, culture and as a way of life, as Jiang Chao so beautifully depicts in his artworks.

1958   Born in Jinan, Shandong – PRC China



1996    Jinan Art

1998    Hol Hot University Museum

2000/2001 Beijing Folklore Art

  • Beijing Fine Arts 2003
  • Fine Traditional Art Shanghai
  • Shandong , Fine Arts International
  • The Beijing , 798 Art Fair
  • Prize Winner Shandong Traditional Chinese
  • Shandong Chinese Art
  • Shandong International
  • Beijing 798
  • Water Colours Review –  Solo  –  Shanghai
  • Jinan Art and Traditions –  Jinan , Shandong


Private Collectors:

Paris, Den Haag, Geneva, London, Singapore, Berlin and New York.