Born in coastal city of Qinndao, n                 important trade centre in the traditional province of Shandong e birthplace of Confucius. During his childhood, he remained deeply impressed by he daily routine of the fisherman as they sailed away slowly fading away in the horizon. He believed that the fact these boats were     able to “disappear” into the ocean, like magic, always mystified his imagination. He wondered how the fragile vessels despite their feeble structures, were able to survive the challenges of the unknown mysteries of the seas. Of course, this had a great influence in his later life.


At 18, he entered the prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated with honours and carried on to a high profile career, in the contemporary Chinese Modern Movement.


As an avid reader of Chinese philosophy, Guorui, understood that the term “vessel” often used in literature, was much closer to his reality then he so far realised. The abstraction and fragility of our lives were in many ways a metaphor to these small vessels that were so much part of his childhood … people, like boats, ventured everyday into life journeys of the unknown, seeking sustenance and support on oceans of uncertainties. His boats are not placed on any oceans, seas, or rivers; they are floating on an abstract universe. He also believes that as we travel through life we face, just like the boats, the marks of our existence and everything that life throw into our paths. These are precisely the life marks that make us unique individuals with our own history, often reflected in our semblance; his vessels are no different. Each, have its own individuality, its own personality registered in their structures as main characters of this mysterious ocean that we call life.

1963    Born in Qingdao

He presently has his studio in Shang Dong

Professor of Fine Arts in the Shandong University

Prize of Honour , Beijing 2005 International




1992  Beijing Prize , Yiyuan Fine Arts

1995  Art Work , Aged Boat . Malaysia

1996 Art  Qingdao

1998 Hol Hot University Museum

2000/2001 Beijing Traditional Art

Beijing Fine Arts 2003

Shandong , Fine Arts International

The Beijing , 798 Modern Art Fair

Art International , Hong Kong

798 , Summer in Beijing

Shanghai Art – Prize Best Artist


Private Collectors:


Paris, Den Haag, Geneva, London, New York,                    Singapore, Berlin and New York.